Placement Art The Unique Art Of Everyday Things

Placement Art The Unique Art Of Everyday Things

Our 24 year old son Christopher has always interacted with his environment in a very unique way.

This shop APlaceForArtCA is a way to celebrate Christopher's life and his art. We call it “Placement Art” as a way to describe how he takes everyday objects (T.V. clickers, bagels, paper cups, jelly beans etc) and creates art.
Christopher’s work is very calming to him. When he is relaxed he enjoys making his Placement Art with a smile on his face and from time to time a giggle is heard.

About 5 years ago I started to document his creative works with photos. We never named what Christopher created other than his "work". But when he started to create things like the wavy building (view on youtube ( https://youtu.be/SMl6tmnQNZA ) and the cascading hats ( https://youtu.be/MGRpaghNiew ), our family started to see his work as a form of art AND communication.
We have made very short videos (2-3 minutes each) showing Christopher's artistic “process”. We hope that by viewing the many videos on youtube you will learn about his process but also just have some fun! As we put each video on youtube we offer explanations of the photos/photos on Christopher's Facebook Business Page. Click below to get there or https://www.facebook.com/artistofplacement

We added six more videos to YouTube of the "process" as Christopher creates:
- https://youtu.be/2UKnyD0Hwrc link to video about the creating process of pink beans Placement Art
- https://youtu.be/XFOcWd6iqLk link to video about the creating process of blue beans art
- https://youtu.be/14veVyX2v5I link to the creating process of the Creative Cups
- https://youtu.be/Ck2sWDLgBCE link to the creating process of Colourful Crayons
- https://youtu.be/Mh-cLmTO-_4 link to the process of Christopher's art with clickers/remotes
- https://youtu.be/XM1QSR2EIIE link to his process with his favourite foods

Please remember to watch the introductory video to Christopher's Placement art!

More to be uploaded in the next few weeks when we will have links to 3 new collections. We hope you have fun watching these upcoming videos!

In the process of organizing thousands of photos, we realized that this was Christopher's way of communicating with us. We were encouraged by several people, particularly those very familiar with the art world, to make some videos to share Christopher's artistic "process". In the videos where there is text in the first person, "I", we wrote the text imagining what Christopher would say if he had greater use of language. He has severe autism and considered non-verbal.

So Christopher takes the Everyday objects and creates art. We then decided to transform his art back into the Everyday. We have taken photos, for example, of his jelly bean art and placed these art photos on everyday items such as posters, jigsaw puzzles, notecards, pens etc. Thus my husband coined the phrase “Placement Art: Where The Everyday Becomes The Inspirational And The Inspirational Becomes the Everyday”.

Several fans of Christopher Zambri share their thoughts about how Christopher’s art affects them
https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/525486186/fan-favorites-of-christopher-zambris?ref=shop_home_feat_4 />
At my son’s first art exhibition April 2, 2017, my husband and I wrote and displayed on Christopher’s art table: (view comments of others and photos on Facebook)

“Christopher not only gives us a window to his world but gives us the opportunity to re-examine how we view things. We, his parents, have found his Placement Art fascinating. It is both a mystery and a joy in our lives. We hope you will enjoy Christopher’s work.”
-Christopher’s Mom Bernadette and Dad Onofrio

In doing the preparation work we (including family, friends and those who work with Christopher) gained a deeper appreciation of Christopher’s art. THAT is priceless!

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