• Free Coloring Sheets Of The Christmas Story From The Traditional Christmas Listing At APlaceForArtCa.com

    In addition to downloading the Christmas Story colouring sheets you may also want to download this "colouring guide" if the person doing the colouring wants to have the same colours.

    Another example of Christopher’s Placement Art is his positioning of the figures in the Christmas Crib that he just started to initiate a few years ago. Christopher appears to enjoy placing them in different positions each week of Advent (4 weeks before Christmas Day). As one woman commented, “I noticed that Christopher always keeps Mary and Joseph near Baby Jesus in his re-arranging. I thought that was really cool!” See the listing TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS to see more of Christopher’s Placement Art with the Christmas story.
    Another comment we received about one of the Crib photos, "That is amazing - it is the best Christmas story I have ever seen or heard! Very touching and heart warming!"

    The only reason I decided to put Christopher’s artwork on puzzles was for his benefit since he enjoys puzzles. I watched him carefully to see what photos he seemed to look at (for example, his artwork on mugs we use daily) and I chose a few to make some puzzles. The one that he really liked was the PINK AFRICA photo that is also in the collage with Gabriella’s stand.

    We decided to make more puzzles for Christopher and then thought others might enjoy them so we have just added a new listing for puzzles. We hope you enjoy looking at Christopher’s Placement Art in the form of puzzles.
  • New Pop Art Posters From Suggestions of Customers August 2, 2017

    New Pop Art Posters added to Listing PLACEMENT ART POSTERS FOR THOSE WHO LOVE POP ART!

    We never envisioned Christopher’s art used in this way in the classroom setting. We find it exciting that she has done so! So the motto also applies to Christopher’s customers: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!
  • What is art?

    My husband and I did not know what our son’s “work” was called. We knew it was unusual and fascinating but that was all we knew...
    To make a long story short we finally discovered a genre for Christopher's creations: POP ART.
  • Arrival of Pop Art Note Cards!

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