Unique Pop Art Posters For Home, Office, Classroom, Cottage, Dorm Room, Waiting Room by Placement Artist Christopher Zambri


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Unique Pop Art Posters For Your Home, Office, Classroom, Cottage, Dorm Room, Waiting Room By Placement Artist Christopher Zambri

These unique posters will start up a conversation anywhere!
Great idea for a very unique gift!

18 inch X 24 inch glossy poster

Our 24 year old son Christopher has always interacted with his environment in a very unique way.
We call it “Placement Art” in the Pop Art genre as a way to describe how he takes everyday objects (T.V. clickers, crayons etc) and creates Pop Art.

We never named what Christopher created other than his "work". But when he started to create things like the “Movement of Clickers”(Canvas-top of hamper) and the “Colourful Crayons” (Canvas-orange t-shirt from closet), our family started to see his work as a form of art and communication.

We have made several videos to share Christopher's artistic "process".(View ABOUT section for links to YouTube videos) In the videos where there is text in the first person, "I", we wrote the text imagining what Christopher would say if he had greater use of language. He has severe autism and is considered non-verbal.

“Christopher not only gives us a window to his world but gives us the opportunity to re-examine how we view things. We, his parents, have found his Placement Art fascinating. It is both a mystery and a joy in our lives. We hope you will enjoy Christopher’s work.”
-Christopher’s Mom Bernadette and Dad Onofrio

We (including family, friends and those who work with Christopher) have gained a deeper appreciation of Christopher’s inner self through his art. THAT is priceless!

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