Unique Christmas Pop Art Blank Note Cards


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Blank Pop Art Note Cards Are Perfect For Christmas!

Our shop A Place For Art has designed Christmas note cards based on Christopher Zambri’s Placement Pop Art.

During the “busy-ness” of the Season you don’t often have the time to write a long note to a family member, a friend or a co-worker. These Christmas & Holiday Note Cards are just the perfect size! These colourful and unique Pop Art note cards will certainly be a conversation starter! They can be sent in the mail so why not use them for invitations to social gatherings whether for work or your home?

For those of you who send out Christmas cards these note cards are also offered in a glossy finish for extra cost see Product Information.

If you want to purchase different note cards then you will need to select the custom order button. There is no extra fee for a custom order. Made to order by you choosing the photo(s) we have already designed or you can choose from our photo collection or videos.

If you would like to purchase more than one item please select the CUSTOM ORDER button and we will be happy to arrange any quantity you need. Any questions? Please contact me through Etsy or artistofplacement [!at] gmail.com

• Horizontal Folded Note Card, 5.5 inches x 4 inches, matte finish, envelope included. $3.50 CA
• The Pop Art note cards are also available in a glossy finish (extra cost), envelope included. $4.00 CA
• For SPECIAL PRICED PACKAGES FOR CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAYS please go to that section for reduced prices for note cards and special priced sets for example, note cards with a pen.

• For All Occasion Note Cards please view that section for further suggestions for your use or to give as a gift.


Placement Art is created by my 23 year old son Christopher who has severe autism and is considered nonverbal.
• We have been told that people who are interested in art are also interested in the working process of the artist. With this in mind we made several short videos (18 in all!) that we invite you to view to better understand what Christopher’s Placement Art is all about. These videos have been put together by many photographs. If you see a photo that you would like to have on your item you are interested in then let us know at artistofplacement [!at] gmail.com or through this shop APlaceForArtCA or our new website aplaceforartca.com

• One of our short videos explaining Placement Art has in its title “THIS IS MY VOICE!” This video is available to view in our Etsy shop APlaceForArtCA in the “ABOUT” section
https://APlaceForArtCA.etsy.com I have also posted the links in this same section.
• You can receive the links of the other videos that further explain Christopher’s artistic “process” by emailing us at
artistofplacement [!at] gmail.com
• I have been documenting my son’s creativity with photos for the past 4 years. I am a documentarian.


Christopher decorated the tree last Christmas and we were fascinated by how he placed the ornaments. He really seemed to enjoy looking at his masterpiece! We also included the blue beans and the pink beans since they are the colours of Christmas and Holiday time. See the listing HAPPY HOLIDAYS to see more of Christopher’s Placement Art with jelly beans.

Another example of Christopher’s Placement Art is his positioning of the figures in the Christmas Crib that he just started to initiate a few years ago. Christopher appears to enjoy placing them in different positions each week of Advent (4 weeks before Christmas Day). As one woman commented, “I noticed that Christopher always keeps Mary and Joseph near Baby Jesus in his re-arranging. I thought that was really cool!” See the listing TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS to see more of Christopher’s Placement Art with the Christmas story.

We have uploaded 3 videos of Christopher creating his art work during the Christmas & Holiday Seasons. We hope you enjoy them!

Links to Christmas videos:
https://youtu.be/EJCFW8MHWJw CHRISTMAS FUN

https://youtu.be/Qy8JtBWfE_I CHRISTMAS TREE

https://youtu.be/4CPXidBpUMY ADVENT

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