July 14, 2017   


As was mentioned in the June 29, 2017 post, we (my husband and myself) now know that there is a genre for Christopher’s unusual and fascinating art. It is considered by some to be Pop Art.  

 Christopher’s artwork has brought us to places that challenge how we view everyday items. He finds new and creative ways to display things on a continuing basis. One of our “mottos” related to Christopher and his artwork is “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!”  

 And so it goes with how people are using Christopher’s art items. Expect the unexpected! This teacher (D.I.) has been very creative in sharing Christopher’s art with her young students and others. 

We love how she shares “I want them to see the beauty and gifts within themselves and others.” She continues, “Already I have had the chance to speak with others who have noticed Christopher’s art and they are inspired as well.”   

We also love her concluding sentence, “I hope we can all look at the world, ourselves and others with more care and attention because of Christopher’s Placement Art.”   

 We never envisioned Christopher’s art used in this way in the classroom setting. We find it exciting that she has done so! So the motto also applies to  Christopher’s customers: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!    -B.Z.